Melanthia Sparkling White (Black Muscat) (7427229778113)
Melanthia Sparkling White (Black Muscat) (7427229778113)
Melanthia Sparkling White (Black Muscat) (7427229778113)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Melanthia Sparkling White (Black Muscat) (7427229778113)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Melanthia Sparkling White (Black Muscat) (7427229778113)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Melanthia Sparkling White (Black Muscat) (7427229778113)

Melanthia Sparkling White (Black Muscat)

Papras Bio Wines

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Origin: Mount Olympus, Greece, PGI Tyrnavos
ABV: 11%
USNW Classification: Natural
Varietal & Type: Black Muscat of Tyrnavos 100%
Vintage: 2021

2021 vintage is super limited, but Delicious and Intense! Light pressed Blanc du Bois Black Muscat, fermented on native yeasts in closed tanks for 3 weeks. 

Melanthia (meaning “black flower”) reflects the unique and intense aromas of roses, that stem from the rare Black Muscat of Tyrnavos, the organically-grown grape that thrives on the South slopes of mount Olympus.

About The Winemaker

Papras Bio Wines is operated by the Papras family. Stergios Papras, the family’s oenologist, was the local co-op’s president and oenologist from 1979 until recently, who gave the region its current fame in regards to the Black Muscat of Tyrnavos grape, and the quality production of tsipouro. It is no coincidence that Tyrnavos is the only town of Greece with a PDO appellation (highest tier) for a distilled product.

Stergios Papras, has always been an advocate for organic viticulture, and his vineyards have been certified organic since 1990 (the first year this was possible for Greece). His brother, Thomas, and his son, personally tend to the vineyards. The focus is on fresh, organic, sparkling and still wines, with the indigenous grapes of the area, mainly Black Muscat of Tyrnavos, and Roditis, the rosy-skinned and second most planted grape of Greece.

The unique terroir of Tyrnavos, sitting on one of the few plains of Greece, under the tallest mountain of the country, mount Olympus, provide optimal conditions for sparkling and highly aromatic wines.

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