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Grüner Veltliner (7020371607745)
Grüner Veltliner (7020371607745)
Grüner Veltliner (7020371607745)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Grüner Veltliner (7020371607745)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Grüner Veltliner (7020371607745)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Grüner Veltliner (7020371607745)

Grüner Veltliner

Von Donabaum

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“grooh-ner VELT-leehn-er”
The face of our favorite Austrian Distributor, Volker Donabaum, has gifted us, with the fruits of his own labor, a low-priced and insanely delicious Gruner Veltiner. We love this wine as an easy drinker and encourage you don't checkout without one or two. 

Origin: Burgenland, Austria

ABV: 12.5%
USNW Classification: Natural
Varietal & Type: 100% GRÜNER VELTLINER
Vintage: 2020

Tasting Notes

Citrus Blossom


Several certified organic vineyards around Deutschkreutz

About the Winemaker

Volker Donabaum, the founder of Volker Wines, has been in the wine industry practically since birth. He grew up on the Donabaum family estate in the Wachau in Austria, where the family has been making wine since 1833. Volker worked several harvests in Austria before working as an assistant winemaker in California, France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Oregon and Canada. In 2012, Volker moved to New York City, where he imported and distributed wines from around the world. In 2018, at the encouragement of his favorite Texan, Volker moved to Houston.

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