Fable Farm Vinous Venus (7716332536001)

Fable Farm Vinous Venus

Fable Farm Fermentory

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Living wine, with Vermont Terroir across the board. This beautiful and easygoing apple/grape wine combines wild foraged apples and northern red grape pomace and clusters. AGED FOR 2 YEARS and then apple juice added at bottling for secondary fermentation and bubble.

Origin: Vermont
USNW Classification: Natural
Varietal & Type: Forged Apples, Red Grape Pomace
Vintage: 2018+2019

About the Winemaker

"In the fermentory we create living wines from local fruits, herbs, saps, and honey. As farmer-winemakers, we embrace the local ecology of all life — from flora to microbes — as the create the character of our elixirs.

We’re committed to native yeast fermentation, which we believe allows the wine to better reflect the place from which it rose. We don;t filter or use sulfites. After fermenting our ciders dry, we send them to the cave to cure and mature through a species succession of microorganisms in both barrel and bottle. Ciders that are alive mature into an extremely diverse continuum of flavors and will evolve from year to year.

We use neutral oak barrels, stainless steel, and glass as mediums for fermentation, with a heart open to the future use of clay qvevris. Our ciders range from sparkling — employing both the ancestral and traditional methods — and still, some of which are fermented with extended skin contact, and are infused with whole botanical infusions that we harvest from our farm and forage: such as elderflower, currants, or dandelion, to name a few.

We also have begun making meads using birch and maple saps as their base, as well as grape wines that are currently barrel aging. With a cave full of wines made from local sugar ssources, we have fun blending various versions of old world wines such as Cysers (honey-apple wines), Acerglyns (honey-maple wines), and Pyments (honey-grape wines). The potential is unlimited.

While our nursery trees continue to take root for future harvests, we make our ciders from wild, abandoned, and cultivated trees found throughout our farm and neighboring fields, forests, backyards, and orchards."



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