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Some noteworthy stuff before diving in


Natural wines are often unfined and unfiltered. The minimal intervention process often give these wines a hazy appearance. There may also be some sediment that collects at the bottom of your bottle. These yeast sediment and grape crystals are harmless, and we recommend a quick upside-down swirl to bring it all together before opening.


While it varies from bottle to bottle, most of our wines are young and may not require cellaring. They're often referred to as living wines because they are still undergoing the fermentation process (so open with caution!) and the flavor profile can change with time. Take a moment to break free from any preconceived notions about grape varieties; these wines can surprise you!


You will find that most of the wines we offer are best enjoyed chilled; Even some of the reds! This, of course, will vary and will be indicated in the wine's description. Enjoying them chilled will bring out even more crispness and defined flavors, so go ahead and place your wines in the fridge for a bit before enjoying.

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