Pangea Selections

Pangea Selections

Over the past few years, Pangea Selections has curated one of the best direct import and domestic sourced wine books in Texas and the entire country. We are honored to be able to share some of their wines with you.

Pangea will select producers that make honest wines that reflect the lands and cultural traditions from which they are created. Typically their wines are from small organic or biodynamic vineyards, fermented only using indigenous yeasts, receive minimal manipulation in the cellar, and little or no sulfur is added at bottling. The resulting wines are living agricultural products and are expressive of the land, climate, and biology of their vintage.

They currently work with winemakers from four continents and all walks of life. They come from high esteemed appellations, ancient unfamiliar lands, and everywhere in between. At Pangea Selections we celebrate these diverse experiences, cultures and winemaking. We believe that sharing a bottle of wine and sharing the story behind it has the power to transcend the gap between our lands, our cultures, and our differences.

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