Vino Amaro

Elisir Novasalus

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"Intensely aromatic, this amaro from Capelletti infuses herbs, macerated flowers, and roots into wine and adds a touch of sweetness from tree sap. The bitterness and complex flavors linger long after your first sip. Drink after a meal." If you're an amaro-head, you might have found a grail bottle in this unique vino amaro from Cappelletti. 

A dry Marsala base, resulting in an oxidized and almost nutty and fruity-ness to counter burdock, aloe, gentian, buckthorn, and dandelion. The only sweetener is Sicilian tree sap. 

Origin: Friuli Venezia-giulia Aldeno, Italy
USNW Classification: Amaro
Varietal & Type: Marsala Wine & Botanicals

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