Zinfandel Pet Nat (7669295251649)

Zinfandel Pet Nat

Breaking Bread

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Passion fruit and Bing cherry come off the nose of this wine with a distinctive, wet gravel minerality. As you look at the wine in your glass it continues to dance and open up to its more complex flavors and aromatics. The palate on this wine evokes a traditional Champagne in weight and fineness of bubbles; however, the easy-drinking, fruit-forward youth of the wine makes it very quaffable.

ABV: 12%
USNW Classification: Natural
Varietal & Type: Zinfandel
Vintage: 2022


Erik Miller, founder and winemaker of Kokomo Winery, was inspired to join in California's new love for wines that are lighter in alcohol, crunchy in acidity, and bright in appearance. He had been making wine for sixteen years and with the development of a more traditional brand, had a solid foundation in winemaking as it pertains to microbiology and fermentation science. When he decided to start Breaking Bread, it was very important to him, artistically, to build something completely different than his first conception, Kokomo. He wanted to be challenged in his craft as a winemaker and he also wanted to understand fermentation from a different perspective that could possibly play a part in future Kokomo vintages. 

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