Love Letter Red, 2022 (10072549818561)
Love Letter by Laila (7556392911041) (10072549818561)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Love Letter by Laila (7556392911041) (10072549818561)

Love Letter Red, 2022

Mersel Wine

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Carbonic maceration Marini with Merwah juice for 10 days. Pressed in stainless steel tanks. No added So2, fining, or filtration. 

Origin: Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
ABV: 13%
USNW Classification: Natural, 0/0
Varietal & Type: 70% Marini, 30% Merwah
Vintage: 2022

About the Winemaker

Laila Maghathe is a new producer in the Mersel portfolio. Originally from the US, and currently making wine in Lebanon. She's been working in wine production for about 7 vintages and settled in Lebanon making "Love Letter" since 2021.  She strongly believes in natural wine and making wine without any additives. All the wines produced are organic, fermented naturally, have zero sulphur added and are meant to be expressive and alive. 

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