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 I like to call this wine 18 and 1 so I can relive Tom Brady's masterful defeat in Superbowl  XLII. But no really, Space Invaders is the Shit.

This wine is all about the winemaker being up to the challenge to tame an untamable varietal, and in our opinion they knocked it out of the park. Notes below:

"Petit Verdot always strives to be a monster, tannic, brash... this is why it's always used sparingly in Bordeaux. Luckily this vintage, we had a perfect foil to this monster in the Mataro. That brashness is quieted to a dark rumbling, while bright red fruit dances throughout. Like an African Rhino with its Oxpeckers, these two are symbiotic."

Origin: Fredericksburg, Texas
USNW Classification: Natural
Varietal & Type: 50% Petit Verdot, 50% Mataro
Vintage: 2020

About the Winemaker & Farm

 Southold Farm + Cellar is a winery and vineyard that started on the North Fork of Long Island by Regan and Carey Meador, sold, moved and that now exists in Gillespie County, Texas.

The winery's sole mission is to make wines that speak of place and time, that thrill and delight our friends, family and ourselves. In order to do so, their winemaking decisions are dictated by what has happened during that season, not stylistic emulation of other regions or forced consistency.

Southold believes in farming first and non-interventionist cellar methods.

All of this means you should expect their wines to vary year to year, like individual children with their personalities, they hope their work tells the story of Texas and that vintage through each variety in each parcel.


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