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Sauvage Spectrum

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A field blend of white and red grapes assembled to provide a wine drinking experience like a Rosé. Not a ton of skin contact on this one, ultimately bringing the fruit notes forward. Aromas of berry, citrus, and funky cider notes. This acid driven light-medium bodied, effervescent Rosé style wine has flavors of cherry cola, pineapple, and sour beer type flavors.

Origin: Palisades, Colorado
ABV: 14%
USNW Classification: Natural
Varietal & Type: Marquette & Aromella
Vintage: 2021


A natural take on the process with the addition of white grapes for aromatic enhancement. The grapes are pressed after a short maceration and fermentation starts in stainless steel. The wine is bottled under a crown cap before fermentation ends for natural carbonation. No sulfites added.


Grown with a focus on sustainability. These grapes are farmed on alluvial soils mixed with larger volcanic strata. A properly managed, umbrella like canopy allows for just the right air flow and dappled sunlight on to the clusters to achieve maximum quality. The soils of the vineyard site enhances the expression of character for each variety and lends to the uniqueness of the wine.

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