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Pleb Appalachian Sparkling

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Origin: Asheville, North Carolina
ABV: 11%
USNW Classification: Natural, Biodynamic
Varietal & Type: Vidal, Seyval Blanc, Traminette
Vintage: NV

5 year base cuvée with fresh verjus as tirage. Seyval Blanc and Traminette vineyards are at 3000ft elevation while the Vidal vineyard is at 2200ft elevation. Both are managed directly by Plēb and are using organic and bio-dynamic practices. House coined “Appalachian Sparkling Method” is a hybrid between Traditional Method and Charmat. Lab tests are done of the verjus to calculate juice/base wine ratio for optimal bubble. Fermentation is sparked with verjus and barrel lees and then is blended with the base wine in tank. The wine is raked from tank to Keg where it finishes for 6 months, before transferring to bottle. Result is an incredible clean sparkling wine with consistent bubbles.


“In some ways, Plēb recalls the microbreweries that started popping up in every midsize American city a couple of decades ago: a taproom in a downtown industrial building, fermenting tanks in view, street art–style murals decorating the walls. But Plēb is much more deeply rooted in the countryside than its urban-winery model might suggest.

Chris Denesha, who co-founded the winery in 2017 with Lauren Turpin, farms between 30 and 80 percent of the production. The grapevines he tends — without synthetic chemicals, on their own roots — contend with everything from frost to hurricanes, which means abandoning more familiar vinifera varieties for newer hybrid cultivars, as well as natives, like catawba and muscadine.

The winemaking draws on both classic marginal-climate strategies and an intuitive use of local materials. Even wines that sound wild on paper (infusions of shagbark hickory bark, flor-aged co-ferments, amphora-aging in Appalachian clay) have a beautifully composed sense of balance.

Plēb shows what domestic wine could look like if it grew out of what was available locally and in abundance rather than what was imported and scarce, and if the barrier to entry for tasting it were no higher than sticking your head in the door to see what was on tap.”

-Jim Sligh


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